C O D Y    T H O M P S O N

gives a double thumbs up to following your passions. and a giant high five for cultivating community.

enojoys a crisp, juicy mango on a mountain top.

truly inspired by nature, creation, mammals, culture, fears, limits, change,  balance and the cosmos.

has a righteous passion for creation… wether it be drawing, painting, building, carving, fixing, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, climbing, film, music, traveling the scape, sharing his findings, forming a meal, falling from the sky, diving into the ocean, planting a plant, questing a quest, doing what it is that feels the best.

savors the feeling that arises in the deepest depths of creation, lost yet found, the unfocused focus. magic in the works.

continually on the quest for new expressions, inspirations, experiences, methods, zones, cultures, balance, and treasures.

digs regeneration, community, collaboration, conscious consumption, manifestation, simplicity, complexity, shredding, evolution and sweet justice. Also digs diggin in the dirt.

wants you follow your passions, face fears, be smart, be safe, be careful climbing electrical towers, collaborate, educate, become a jedi, and do what feels most righteous.