W A B I   S A B I   L I B R A

“The aim of the work is to invoke a shift in our patterned ways of thought and to inspire ripples that shake up our habitual nature by creating pieces that resonate beyond conventional tendencies.”

Kai Cabodyna’s practice is rooted within cultivating community, exploring unique collaborations and leaving legacies of increasing value for future generations. Overlapping and communicating through various mediums allows for his eclectic and adaptable process to reflect the way nature orchestrates it’s patterns, rhythms and flows. Kai’s creative path has brought him to explore modalities of up-cycling alongside food forest design in hopes of helping knit the value and beauty found within the interconnected relationships that make up our experience within the biosphere.

“I try to create from a place of stillness. From this mental space something is manifested that goes beyond myself and those I work alongside. It becomes a bridge between the tangible and the intangible, between form and formless. It is this quality which cannot-be-named that the work aims to invoke. Wabi Sabi through Wei Wu Wei”